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is a completely (100%) web based reporting tool that allows users to design, create and run reports using an industry standard commercial web browser. No Client application is ever installed or self-installed on any workstation accessing the Right Reporter. Right Reporter supports most ODBC/JDBC compliant databases such as ORACLE, SQL Server, DB2 etc on Windows or Unix platforms. Several report output styles such as MS Excel, MS Word, pure HTML allow for flexibility required to perform necessary tasks by different users within an organization. Comma separated output allows for easy data transfer to other internal/external applications and databases. 


is intended for:

who need flexible web based reporting over large Intranets, Internet and Extranet using different platforms, multiple databases, browsers and hand-held devices.

who desire to add the power of the Internet to every facet of every application for every customer of their web systems

who need to imbed extensive reporting features within their existing applications.

who simply needs additional reporting without having to constantly refer the request to the IT department.


  • Allows a user (non-programmer) who understands the relationship between database elements to expose these elements as objects in simple English terms.
  • A report designer uses the objects, again using  simple English,  to instantly design and run reports on the web.
  • A programmer can also write simple or complex SQL statements as well as invoke stored procedures. These objects known as "queries" can be used as a source by a report designer. 
  • Reports can be from simple table lookups or complex table joins with even more complex summaries and filters, and yet no programming needed! 
  • Choose from our rapidly expanding selection of report types - Standard HTML, executive, Excel, Word, CSV etc. 
  • Reports can be organized into folders and sub folders.
  • The unique security features allows reports to be grouped for access by authorized groups of users only.
  • Use the scheduling features of Right Reporter to regularly run reports & e-mail the results at pre-determined time intervals.

White Paper

Find out more about Right Reporter.

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Take a brief tour about the features of Right Reporter

Walk the Presentation (Best Viewed With Internet Explorer)


Watch Right Reporter at work against the Northwind database.

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Right Reporter can be installed on either a Windows or Unix Platform. On Windows it typically takes less than 1 hour to install, create and run your first report.

It can create and run reports against any JDBC/ODBC compatible database like Oracle, SQL Server

Right Reporter can be embedded into any J2EE application server like BEA, Weblogic etc.


Right Reporter supports most JDBC/ODBC compliant databases such as ORACLE, SQL Server, DB2, SYBASE etc.

Contact us to find out if your favorite database is supported by Right Reporter


The structure of Right Reporter allows for seamless integration of Right Reporter into your own web based application. Right Reporter also supports single sign on i.e. if a user has logged into your own web application then, by simply setting session variables user authentication is performed in background without the user needing to login to the Right Reporter. 


A report once created from the web can be run from any internet ready cell phone or PDA.

No additional steps link exporting/converting reports are required!